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The Advisor is a collection of thoughts and best practices from business leaders and founders on how best to manage and grow a go-to-market team along with bringing a product to market.

Topics will range from the micro (how to screen for entry level sales positions to setting up compensation plans) all the way to the macro (future of work). You can expect The Advisor to show up in your inbox twice a month.

Who’s Involved? 

Curation and contribution by Gary Kagan

Gary is one of the co-founders of Leap. Before co-founding Leap his previous role was the Director of Partner Sales at Yelp where he helped build the department from $0 to $40M ARR.

Leap Advisors

Ranging from business leaders to founders, Leap Advisors are matched with Leap’s clients to provide impartial opinions on candidates. Leap Advisors are paid by Leap on a pay-per-interview basis for their time and judgement. Advisors participate in this newsletter by picking topics they care about and working with Gary to publish posts for the whole community.

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If you’re a business leader or a founder, there’s a few opportunities to participate: you can submit articles to be featured in our newsletter, apply to be a Leap Advisor or subscribe to our newsletter to take advantage of the tips, tricks and resources we’ll be sharing regularly. 

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